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Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: Xtraction Solutions Pty Ltd
Версия: 1.0.2
Размер: 27.3 МБ


Xtraction is the next generation in real-time dashboards and status reporting. A powerful solution to an historically complex problem, Xtraction removes the dependence upon technical staffs and cumbersome products, opening up access to data with a simple to use drag-and-drop interface. With a wide range of commercial adapters and the ability to build connectors for custom applications, Xtraction enables data from disparate systems to be displayed into a single dashboard or report. Xtraction does all the work: there is no coding or database knowledge required, you just drag-and-drop via the mouse.

NOTE: This application requires server version 3.3.4464.774 or above.

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