Категория: Производительность

Обновлено: 14.02.2019

Версия: 2.1

Размер: 9.8 МБ

Разработчик: Dirk Hulverscheidt

Возраст 4+


WHIR - What have I read? is the perfect journal for your books.

What have I read is the perfect companion for every person, that reads a lot. It is the best app to keep a journal on your books. Having read a lot of books, you can quickly loose sight about the title when you are about the recommend one to your friend. Quickly gain an oversight about the books you’ve read, or add new books to your journal using the fast scanner.

This app features:
* Adding a book. Manually or using the barcode.
* Search functionality to quickly find the book you had in mind
* Detail view with the ability to share books
* Swipe to delete a book
* Add new books using Siri

The earnings of this app are used to fund operating costs. We will not monetize the app in any other way in the future. The app is yours, and yours to keep.

This app has no tracking software. It only communicates with an ISBN database, when you use the feature. Your data

Everyone can view and change the source code. This way the app is more secure and features get developed faster.

Что нового в версии 2.1

* I added a debug tool for better understanding of crashes (it will only collect crash information with your permission)
* I changed the data source, providing you with better information for scanned books.