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Are you a travel lover, fond of backpacking  and looking for a companion on your next trip?

Are you planning a trip and need information about destinations?

Would you like to participate in a community of traveholics  to share and exchange travel experiences?

“WeTrip” app will meet all of your needs.

With WeTrip you will experience the following features:

Create. Organize a trip

- Allow you to create a solo trip or a group trip and invite other members to join.
- Plan for a specific trip, such as: Departure time, finishing time, destination, number of participants, ...
- Follow other people's trips

Find a companion

- Easily find your great companion  for  your upcoming trips. 
- You specify the criteria for choosing a particular companion: Gender, age, payment method  of  the trip.

Share your travel experiences
- As a diary, WeTrip records your experiences, shares your great moments of your trip with friends, with more people.

Details about destinations

- Introduce detailed information of famous destinations around the world, including: Restaurants, hotels, entertainment location, local delicacies, culture, history, ...
- Just search a place that you want to come, you will get the needed information: What to eat? Where to go? In details. 
- Moreover you can get a lot of great, honest reviews from other travelers before departuring

Get awards if be an active member. 

- If you become an active member in the WeTrip community with excellent reviews, you will receive such promotions: Package tours, flight tickets, gifts or vouchers ...
- Join the sharing of our travel experience on WeTrip to become active members.

Make friends online - Chat online

- As a social network, WeTrip allows you to make friends with people around the world.
- Expand your understanding of places, cultures, cuisine from new friends.
- WeTrip's chat feature is an important tool for you to fast exchange information with other friends and members.

With a mission to bring travelers and travelholics together, WeTrip brings you authentic travel experiences with useful information to make your trip more perfect.

We look forward to receiving your comments and feedback to make WeTrip become a better social networking! 

Please contact us at support@wetrip.app

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Optimize user experience
Fixed some bugs