Скачать Virtual Consulting для Айпада

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Разработчик: Rodenstock GmbH
Версия: 1.5.2
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You are an eye care professional? Then turn your lens consultation into a visual experience!
With the app  ""Virtual Consulting"" , you have the opportunity to present and consult the Rodenstock lenses very impressive. The App consits of four main parts:

Lifestyle Guide - an impressive program for demonstrating the performance of Impression FreeSign® 3 and Multigressiv® MyLife 2. This module is designed to help you determine the best optical design for your customer's lifestyle.
The demonstrations are available in a simulation (virtual reality) and in a live camera view (augmented reality) to emphasize the uniqueness of Impression FreeSign® 3 und Multigressiv® MyLife 2 lenses.

Rodenstock Road - Clarify the benefits of the Rodenstock driving glasses to your customers. A film simulates the driving situations and the solution with Rodenstock Road from the motorist's viewpoint.

X-tra Clean – Clarify the benefits of the Rodenstock X-tra Clean lens coating to your customer. A film demonstrate the advantages for the end customer.

Lens Demonstration – This is a collection of 8 different tools  to consult lenses and their features (progressive lenses, near vision lenses, polarized lenses, ColorMatic, aspheric lenses, coatings, lens thickness, refractive errors) in a very effective and illustrative way. Using the built-in iPad camera for augmented reality a view through the new glasses can be simulated as realistically as possible . 

Frame selection – This is a smart mirror. With support of the iPad camera customers can see themselves wearing their new frame. Easy and very impressive.
Simply take a picture or a short video for a  effective support during frame selection.

- Calculation of the personal vision profile and recommendation of the perfect Impression FreeSign® 3 or Multigressiv® MyLife 2 progressive lens designs for your customer. 
- Simulation of the view through Rodenstock lenses with several backgrounds (virtual reality)
- Live simulation of the view through Rodenstock lenses using the camera function (augmented reality). 
- Impressive demonstration of different lens performances and lens features such as: Progressive lenses, Near vision comfort lenses, aspheric lenses, ColorMatic lenses, polarized lenses, lens coatings, lens thickness.
- Simple and understandable explanation of different refraction errors.

Что нового в версии 1.5.2

New background picture in “Lifestyle Guide” and “Lens Demonstration”.
Minor translation corrections.

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