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Unplug makes it easy to manage your privacy settings on your favorite social networks. Being able to easily control your public and private data on your profiles is more important than ever. Control how much you disclose and how much you connect with Unplug.

Unplug is an educational utility for you to manage your social networks, privacy settings, and learn how to manage your mobile devices to be less distracting by raising your awareness of how much you are using your mobile device.

Technology is great and Unplug helps users learn the importance of communicating without it. Relationships are important, and the channels in which we choose to communicate with our friends and family are important as well.

Control How Much You Connect With Unplug!

Here are some of the features you’ll love about the Unplug app!

How to Unplug - Information about how to use the Unplug app.

Facebook and Twitter- Direct links to gain quick access to your profile and privacy settings.

How to Guides - Tips and tricks to make your phone even smarter.

Unplug Articles - Interesting articles related to social mobile technology.

Push Notifications - Gives you the option to receive important real-time Unplug updates. Things you should know to stay up to date on changes trends and updates from the Unplug community.

Unplug Friends - Help your friends unplug! Easily share this App through Email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS Text Messaging.

Fan Wall - Share your tips on Unplugging and how Unplug has helped you manage your social experience.

Friends Checked-In - See where your friends are plugged in.

Friends Plugged-In - See who is currently online and available for chat.

Video Channel - Educational and humorous videos on the topic of Unplugging and how social media impacts us.

More plugs - Quick access to your settings on other popular social media sites such as Foursquare, Youtube etc.

Unplug Facebook Group - Join the growing Unplug community. Participate in Unplug events, surveys and be an Unplug advocate.

Twitter - Follow @Unplug__ on Twitter for news, updates and Unplug related content.

Thank you for downloading the Unplug App and for sharing it with your friends!

Unplug by App Developer Next Level Inc.
PO Box 1179
Highland, MI 48357

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and the aforementioned entities do not endorse App Developer Next Level Inc. the Unplug app, or its related brands.

Some useful features of the Unplug app!

- Easily manage your Profile Settings on Social Networking sites.

- Quick access into Profile Settings allows simple navigation to important Profile Settings.

- Unplug Smarter Social Networking YouTube channel with educational videos.

- How to Unplug - Information about how to use the Unplug app.

- Unplug Articles - Interesting articles related to social mobile technology.

Что нового в версии 1.3

- iPhone 5 support
- New Wallpapers
- News Feed

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