Скачать TimeTec TA для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: FingerTec Worldwide
Версия: v5.7.0
Размер: 138 МБ


TimeTec TA Mobile
TimeTec TA Mobile is a mobile application for the Time Attendance Cloud Software, TimeTec TA. TimeTec TA Mobile allows TimeTec TA administrators and users to access and use the main features of TimeTec TA software straight from their mobile devices. TimeTec TA Mobile constantly communicates with the TimeTec TA cloud server to bring you updated results of your clocking data, attendance sheets and so on.
• Clock-in your attendance no matter where you are!
• Get the overview of the your company’s and personal attendance performance at all times.
• Check your attendance history and your self-discipline indicator. 
• Access to rosters to determine your tasks of the day and plan ahead. 
• Manage calendar to consolidate your activities, work or personal
• Generate a personal or staff attendance report right from your mobile device!
• Check your current location from your mobile device before clocking in.
• Check your clocking data history
• Get notifications on any announcements, attendance, system updates and requests.
• And many more..

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