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Разработчик: Zendoa LLC.
Версия: 3.3
Размер: 40.2 МБ


••• Create and mail a personalized Thank You card in minutes •••  – right from your iPhone or iPad!
Elegant designs, a personal note, your actual signature, a logo or photo, first class postage, mailed the next business day – all for $3.49 or less per card. Get FREE Email, Text, and Facebook cards (for a limited time).  Make an impression they will never forget!  

••• Now send Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Thinking of You Cards, and more!

••• Include a gift card! - real plastic gift cards for Starbucks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

“I just left my customer’s office with the order in hand and before I started my car I had sent a thank you card. Wow!”

Choose from over 90 quality card designs to fit the situation – casual, formal, friendly, contemporary. Or create your own card from a photograph or any image.  Write your personal thank you note with a handwriting font and pen color of your choice. Add a photo or logo and sign your name right on your Apple iPhone or iPad! 

Tap ‘Mail’ and your card is sent off to the printer to be printed, slipped into the envelope, and mailed. We place an actual 1st class stamp on your envelope and put your card in the mail.  Your return address - no commercial bulk-rate stamps - as personal as if you mailed it yourself.

For the busy professional who believes in great customer service but is pressed for time!

• Over 90 professional designs created by award winning artists and designers
• Create cards using a photo from your camera or any image
• Write your note in a handwritten font using the pen color of your choice
• Even dictate your note with Siri
• Sign your name right on the phone!
• Mail your card to one or several addresses from your Contacts

• Printed on quality 100# satin gloss card stock
• Your card is placed in a linen envelope with your own personal return address
• Send a card from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world
• First Class postage stamp - no bulk mail permits
• Cards are in the mail within 24 business hours
• Use PayPal or a credit card to mail cards

• Only $3.49 or less per mailed card (US & Canada)
• Postage included!
• FREE email, text message and Facebook cards!  (limited)
• Send Holiday, Birthday,  and Greeting Cards - and add a gift card

“I can’t believe how simple and quick it is to say Thanks. What a time saver!"

Rated ***** 5 STARS ***** in the iTunes appStore

What Customers are saying…
***** "Great app"
This app makes it super easy to thank all of those people that do great things for you, and do it with style and in a snap. I use it all the time, wonderful!

*****   “Wonderful tool”

Thank You Pro has been a wonderful tool for me to use for my clients.… it’s just an awesome way to stay polite and thankful!

*****   “Great App and Great Service”
Simple to use app for a wonderful service. Quicker, easier, and more professional than anything I have ever sent myself.

*****   “Simple yet Elegant!” 

I love this app, it is very simple to use, yet very Elegant. I love the integration of using my own photos to make it more personal.

*****   “This is a wonderful app!”
I manage a small non-profit and... I use this app to thank donors, volunteers, and members of the community… It saves time, yet is very professional looking. It is a lifesaver and time saver for me!

*****   “Easy, fast and professional”
Wow! What a fantastic application.

*****   “Great App!" 
Dozens of uses beyond Thank You Notes! Extremely well done, professional and what you see on your iPhone or iPad is what it looks like. Can insert photos, real signature, change the text and works great. The cards look great too!

Say Thanks for: 
• Giving you their valuable time 
• Sending you a referral
• Interviewing you for a job 
• Giving you the business
• The graduation party 
• The birthday present
• The heartfelt gift
• Paying you a compliment
• The holiday dinner

Что нового в версии 3.3

- new corporate account features
- iOS updates
- bug fixes

Скриншоты для Айфона, Айпада

Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Скриншот из ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards