Категория: Игры

Обновлено: 13.07.2017

Версия: 1.0

Размер: 199.8 МБ

Разработчик: Dinh Trung Thinh

Возраст 17+

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Commando shooter fury is a 3D thrilling action game. Soldier who are in army uniform have taken over the city and forest base camps. You are a commando and you have been assigned a task to rescue the people and clean up your city from enemy. Attack on these most dangerous terrorist now. Take aim at evil, where it hides.

You must kill all the enemies and leader of their arms. You are fully trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. You equipped with machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and hand grenades. Powerful machine guns and devastating missiles to slay hordes of enemies. Ready to kill shot! Destroy all those peoples who are stand it way of a peaceful world. You may be face army truck, armored vehicles and military tank then you must destroy them with the rocket launcher. Leave no enemy behind.

- #1 military action game.
- Variety of Sniping gun, Ak47, assault rifles & Rocket launchers.
- Outclass graphics.
- Fabulous sounds.
- Excellent city and forest environment.
- 3D environment.
- First person shooting.
- Sniper scope views.
- Different geological locations

How to Play:
1. Use up, down and left, right button to control the soldier.
2. Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy.
3. The enemy will attack on you when they see you.
4. Use your rifle or sniper gun to aim at enemies from a distance.
5. Touch fire button to shoot.