Скачать SunCMS для Айфона, Айпада

Разработчик: Sunell
Версия: 1.3.0
Размер: 117.6 МБ


SunCMS is an APP used with the SunView platform. Through the mobile phone terminal, it is easy to obtain the device list, face library, face retrieval data, over-temperature alarm, and health archives from the SunView platform.

The main functions of SunCMS include:
* IPC / NVR / DVR device real-time / playback / alarm information view
* Support creation / editing / deletion of Sunview platform face library
* Support face retrieval from Sunview platform face capture library
* Support to view over temperature alarm data display, including over temperature statistics / over temperature real-time push / over temperature data retrieval
* Support to view health archives information display, including recent temperature / body temperature trend / dynamics
* If you want to switch, multiple languages are supported.
* More features can be found when using.

Что нового в версии 1.3.0

Version update and fix some bugs.

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