Категория: Игры

Обновлено: 28.10.2018

Версия: 1.1.4

Размер: 42.3 МБ

Разработчик: Benjamin Olding

Возраст 4+

Приложения от Benjamin Olding



Lots of fun with your family and friend with this Game Show themed multiplayer game pack!


Obscurity: a game to test your obscure knowledge of Harry Potter characters, Types of lettuce, Moons in the Solar System + many more categories

Bidderific: An auction game, estimate how much something is worth then bid for it, and see later how much profit you earn

Ballpark: Game of estimation, try and guess how how many species of spider there are, you dont have to be exact, just closer than your competitors!

Wordstack: A word finding game with 2 different round types. Get longer words than your opponents to win

Connexions - Find the connections on a grid of clues

Drawphrase - Test your art skills, draw the clue and see who can guess it first!

WordBombs - High pressure anagram spotting game!

Also features a party mode where you can plug your laptop into your tv and use your mobile devices as controllers. Great for family gatherings!

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Bug Fixes