Категория: Игры

Обновлено: 19.05.2018

Версия: 1.0

Размер: 171.5 МБ

Разработчик: PHAM DUC THUAN

Возраст 17+

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Hey sniper, it’s a duty call from military intelligence and you need to kill the cruel enemies on train with your modern assault Sniper Rifle.

It’s time to take prompt action against the law breakers! Get ready to chase and kill each and every bad guy in train, whether these are high profile target, run away prisoners or the crime kings of your city. Gear up your sniper rifle, hold it firmly, look through your scope, aim your target and blow them away. Be the professional Criminal Hunter and go for the headshots!

Save your city from the evil intentions of the people belonging to criminal world. Play your part well. Be determined and focused before shooting down your rivals. Don’t miss a single shot. Protect yourself from the dangerous attacks and firing of your enemies. Kill the cruel opponents before they get the chance to aim and shoot you.

Be careful and don’t let the civilians get hurt or killed while fulfilling your duty. Remember, the life of every innocent civilian is precious.

Let’s stat the series of onslaughts keeping only one thing in mind that the VICTORY will be yours..!

- Thrilling Sniping Missions!
- Stunning 3D Graphics!
- Amazing Animations!
- Realistic Sound Effects!