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Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: Supercake
Версия: 1.1
Размер: 4.2 МБ


No ads, no time limits, no in-app currency. Shifty Jr is like Shifty but with less options.

:: ABOUT ::

The basis of Shifty is to enter all the data which rarely ever changes, such as shift patterns, staff and duties. After that's in the system making schedules is just dragging and dropping combinations of those items. 

Shifty was originally designed to be used by restaurants, pubs and shops. However it turned out to be useful to a much wider audience. For example: families, security companies, tour guides, charities, schools, churches, doctors and even gardeners!


Visit ShiftyApp.com or tap the "Shifty Jr Support" link on this page. There you'll find the manual and videos that show Shifty in action. You can also find the videos by searching for "ShiftyApp" on YouTube. This should help you decide if you want to plunge into the wonderful world of Shifty, if you're not already convinced!

Что нового в версии 1.1

• iOS14 Compatibility
• Larger iPad Models
• News Checker
• 10th Anniversary for Full Version

iOS14 Compatibility
To make the app compatible with iOS14 much of the app has had to be replaced! IMPORTANT: As a result of these massive changes you will need to use the database migrate option *before* installing either iOS14 or this app version. Your data can then be imported into the full version of Shifty. If you do not migrate you will have to setup Shifty Jr again. This is a disruption but setup can usually be done very quickly in 5 mins.

Larger iPad Models
Also in this version, larger iPad models (e.g. 10.5", 11" or 12.9") are now supported.

News Checker
Shifty can now alert you if there is a new version available or if there is any other important information that you need to know. It has been added in response to the iOS14 update disruption. It's a safety feature that you might never see.

Finally the big announcement: 

The full paid version of Shifty is celebrating its 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

It's amazing that businesses and families that have been using Shifty for so many years, and some have been from the very beginning back when the first iPad was released all the way to present day. To think that people on their own life journeys have taken a scheduling app with a characterful orange mascot with them for over a decade!

Three cheers to everyone!

I wish you success and health for your businesses and families, especially in these difficult times.

Many Kind Regards,

The Shifty Team (i.e. Owen)

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Скриншот из Shifty Jr
Скриншот из Shifty Jr
Скриншот из Shifty Jr

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