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Use this app to get notices of new sermon ideas and lectionary postings from sermonideas.com.  New sermon ideas based on contemporary themes, current issues with a spiritual perspective are presented on a regular basis.

The sermon ideas respond with spiritual insights to hot button political issues and social trends. Topics such as God's Health Plan or Marked for Life - the new tattoo trend; or God's message to the Hip Hop Generation help you respond to the issues of the day.

This app draws upon the extensive database of of thousands of sermonideas, scripture expositions, talking points and sermon closings available in the Roosevelt Wright, Jr. sermon library. These are bread and butter ideas for the laybeliever who is struggling with faith issues, family difficulties and making ends meet. If you need ideas occasionally to address issues that are relevant to those who hear you, this app and its links to sermonideas.com is the perfect companion.

You will also:

Get links that will connect you to the Day in Life devotional that provides inspirational insights for the busy church servant.

Get links that will connect you to the sermonideas4u2 Youtube channel, and sermonideas4u Facebook group. These will inspire you as you prepare.

Use the links in this app to quickly connect to the sermonideas.com website  where you can build your sermons online drawing from the extensive sermonideas.com database.

Use this app to get help with biblical passages, pastoral advice or counseling assistance. It's private. Not computerized but personal.

In addition, use this app to email orders, connect by phone or set up sermonideas you need for special days.

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