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Разработчик: Digital Rydehit Limited
Версия: 1.2.1
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With Rydehit, drivers can earn money while driving. Rydehit is a ride booking app that efficiently matches Drivers with passengers in your city. Whether you're a private car driver seeking to earn extra money or a taxi driver looking for more passengers and more money. Rydehit is the right service for you. We are currently starting in the garden city of Port Harcourt and expanding to other Cities in Nigeria soon. If you are a passenger download the Rydehit app. Rydehit driver’s app is only for drivers and enables any driver to:
•	to accept rides

•	manage bookings

•	track your trips

•	track passenger’s locations

•	rate passengers

•	state your availability

•	View your earnings

•	get driving directions

•	and much more
How to get started
•	Download the Rydehit driver’s app

•	Register and submit required details

•	Once you are approved you can stat driving your way to extra money

•	Your bank account will get credited every week
How to use the app
•	After approval, you can Login

•	You can make yourself available to receives rides or make yourself unavailable

•	The app will use your location to assign you to nearby passengers

•	You can access passengers picture, rating and track your current location

•	You can use the built-in, google map to get directions of where you are going

•	After the ride, passengers can pay you with cash or card

•	You can also rate the passenger and tell us your experience with the passenger

•	You can also view your past, present, and future trips as well as see how much you have earned.
For more information and assistance reach us via contact@rydehit.com

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Visit our website and Chat with us www.rydheit.com
If you don’t have a car contact us we can assist you
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Что нового в версии 1.2.1

Few bugs fixed.
Improve app usability.

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