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Разработчик: Gonzalo Alvarez Firpi
Версия: 6.4.5
Размер: 33.5 МБ
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Ring up your sales, expenses & accept payment, right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Bookkeeping no longer has to be a chore. Ring it Up Pro is the portable point-of-sale app for the "Merchant on the go." 

Ring it Up makes the job of tracking your sales and expenses a snap. The simple yet intuitive user interface allows you to easily create a catalog of goods and services which are then added to a sales ticket or invoice with only a few taps on the screen. Collecting payment is just as simple whether you are accepting cash, checks or integrating Ring it Up with one of the 6 supported Credit Card processing apps (see below). 

Barcode scanning is here!!! (requires an iPhone 3GS or newer running iOS 4.2 or greater. Barcode scanning is not supported on the 4th Generation iPod Touch). 

What can Ring It Up do? 

* Quick and easy sales, expense, and purchase order entry 
* Send HTML & PDF receipts/invoices to your customers 
* Capture labor, shipping, or generic charges 
* Supports 2 different tax rates for locations like Canada which require provincial and federal tax breakdowns 
* Apply discounts on a per item or per ticket basis. 
* Reporting feature...includes total sales, expenses, profit/loss, inventory levels… and more 
* Customizable receipts / invoice templates which are emailed directly to your customer in HTML and PDF format 
* Import client information directly from your Contacts app 
* Data importing and exporting via .CSV file format using iTunes or Dropbox
* Protect your data with our Backup/Restore feature via email, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing.
* Track your inventory levels. 
* Quantity discounts feature 
* Send clients a quote and convert your quotes to a sale when your bid is accepted. 
* Capture photos of your Catalog items, Contacts, or Expense Receipts. 
* Run multiple businesses using Ring It Up 
* Works with 6 different Credit Card Processing Apps 

Ring it Up is ideal for… 

* trade shows 
* flea markets 
* craft fairs 
* festival merchants 
* mall kiosks 
* Door-to-Door Sales 
* Beauty industry professionals 
* Locksmiths 
* Photographers 
* Consultants 
* Contractors 
* Taxi/Limo drivers 
…and more 

* Supported Printing and Scanning Devices…
- Blue Bamboo P25i and P25i-m receipt printers (Connects via Bluetooth).
- Star Miconronics Networked Receipt Printers via Wifi connection. (TSP654, TSP700II, TSP800II, FVP10, SP700, SP500)
- Infinite Peripheral's Linea Pro 4 scanners/credit card swiping cases.
- Koamtac KDC200i & KDC300i bluetooth barcode scanners.

Credit Card Processing 

Ring It Up works with the following Credit Card Processing Apps. 

* Credit Card Reader - PhoneTransact.com 
* Credit Card Terminal - Inner Fence 
* Swipe - AppNinjas 
* Redfin PocketPOS
* iPay POS - Tektango
* iZettle
* SumUp
* Paypal Here 

* The PDF generation maybe not work in some Asian languages

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Что нового в версии 6.4.5

Contact import bug fixes

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Скриншот из Ring It Up for iPhone
Скриншот из Ring It Up for iPhone
Скриншот из Ring It Up for iPhone

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