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Версия: 1.1.1

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Разработчик: Shanghai Linyu Technology Co., Ltd.

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### Freshest design inspirations and stories
References.Design brings you the freshest design inspirations and stories from all over the communities -- Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Medium, Designer News, Awwwards, DeviantArt, Artstation, Core77, CSS Design Awards... and a lot more -- all the communities that you already love.

One-click to quick save the inspirations you like, or add the stories into your reading list. 

### The ultimate image organizer
With the simple, intuitive, yet powerful workspace, References.Design is also your ultimate image organizer. 

Add your local files to References.Design, so that you can organize and manage all the online and offline contents in one place. 

###Simply powerful labeling system
Assigning labels to your images, the fastest way put your contents in order.

### Cluster related images
You don't always have a keyword when looking for Inspirations. Sometimes it's better just to browse randomly to get wild ideas -- but not too random to include some totally non-related contents. 

Powered by an AI engine fine-tuned for design contents, References.Design automatically analyzes your images’ visual styles and color themes, and cluster them into different groups base on that. You can now browse randomly but still keep focus.

Что нового в версии 1.1.1

- Support pasting from clipboard
- Improve performance and stability for when there are thousands of images
- Improve speed of loading feeds

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