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Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: Red e Productions LLC
Версия: 4.12.0
Размер: 37 МБ


Red e App is a mobile communication platform that is specifically designed for hourly and non-desk employees without access to @company.com email.

Employees can:

· Connect to their company, coworkers, and managers
· Receive important updates and information immediately
· Access documents, files, and forms from anywhere
· Communicate without sharing personal contact info

Companies can:

· Connect with every employee - company email NOT required

· Distribute documents, spreadsheets, forms, and work schedules instantly
· Enable more effective communication among all levels of the workforce
· Provide a structured and secure comms tool for employees to utilize

Что нового в версии 4.12.0

· We gave conversations a bit of a facelift, freshening up the colors and rearranging some of the information to keep things looking good and making sure the right information is easy to find.
· One new piece of information in your conversations is the little megaphone icon on some messages, which lets you know that the message was sent to multiple people. If you open up that message and tap on the megaphone in the message details, you see who else received it. This will help you know if a message was sent to a group, or just to you.
· When searching for people, it was sometimes hard to tell who was who if multiple people had the same name. You can now see each person's job title and location (if they have it filled out in their profile) right there in the results so you can be sure your message is getting to the correct person.
· Speaking of those profiles, we added some extra labels to your profile fields to help you make sense of the info displayed. 

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Скриншот из Red e App
Скриншот из Red e App
Скриншот из Red e App