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PROMEC (MODENA, EMILIA ROMAGNA) is the Special agency of the Modena Chamber of Commerce charged with creating new opportunities for companies and for our district.

Thanks to new technologies, our Agency is now able to boost the exposure of all the services available on its websites www.modenaemliaromagna.it and www.expomo.com, by means of an IPHONE and IPAD application.

We present our traditional products and produce to the world and promote the many fine products of a region rich in enterprises, industrial districts and features of major social and cultural importance.

Thanks to this application, the business information of those companies which have best exploited the distinctive traits of the area – through the promotion of excellence in the economic, technological and cultural spheres – will be readily available worldwide.

This easy-to-use application will prove useful to both Italian and foreign operators.  To foreign companies wanting to expand their markets by finding new suppliers.
To Italian companies, by making them more easy to identify by anyone wishing to do business with Modena and Emilia Romagna,  in various languages: English, Russian, Spanish, to which will shortly be added French, Portuguese, German and Chinese.

With one click you can easily view more than 2400 companies by product sector, categories and products, with the ability to search with various business insights

The application also allows best identifying companies by means of a descriptive map and an overview of the tourist and cultural centers in our beautiful district.

We are, furthermore, at disposal at all times to help professional operators from all sectors to expand their companies in Emilia Romagna and the world thanks to an extensive worldwide network of offices and contacts, and a profound knowledge of global markets.
The access to success: contact us!

RUSSIAN traslation:

PROMEC: совершенство "made in Italy" продукции Модены

МОДЕНА, ОБЛАСТЬ ЭМИЛИЯ-РОМАНЬЯ: PROMEC – это специальная компания при
Торговой палате Модены, задачей которой является создание деловых возможностей для компаний
и для нашей территории.

Благодаря новым технологиям, наше агентство развивает заметность всех услуг, представленных на
сайте www.modenaemliaromagna.it и www.expomo.com, при помощи приложения для IPHONE и IPAD.

Мы предлагаем миру нашу типичную продукцию, знакомим с многочисленными бестселлерами из
этой области, богатой компаниями, промышленными районами и наследием с высокой социальной
и культурной ценностью.

Данное приложение позволит просматривать во всем мире коммерческую информацию тех
компаний, которые смогли наилучшим образом представить отличительные черты этой области,
уделяя внимание лидерам в области экономики, технологии и культуры.

Что нового в версии 2.1.1

Fixed iphone map view on listing categories

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Скриншот из PROMEC excellence of made in Modena, Italy
Скриншот из PROMEC excellence of made in Modena, Italy

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