Скачать PolterApp для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Утилиты
Разработчик: Ilya Gorodnyanskiy
Версия: 3.12
Размер: 42.4 МБ


PolterApp is a great tool for timber inventory, which completely replaces the conservative "pen and paper" method. Its usage increases efficiency and thus saves time and money. The app suites for small and large companies, forestries.


- Collection of basic data like location, forestry, forester, forest owner etc.
- Ability to select species, kind and quality from the list or to fill fields manually
- Inventory method: estimation
- Inventory method: sections. The volume of the log stack is calculation as a sum of single sections
- Inventory method: logs. The quality distribution is summarized as a table view
- Collecting of log stack photos  
- Printing and sending log stack data as .pdf per email
- Export of log stack data as .csv
- Sorting the the log stacks
- Saving of GPS position
- Support for iPad and iPhones

Что нового в версии 3.12

+ An error for calculation of the bark subtraction was fixed
+ The user has to confirm new log stack position to avoid accident changes
+ When log stack position changes, its marker is also properly updated on the map
+ Log measurement: if recent two logs have the same length, its value will be assigned also to the next log

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