Скачать PlusVltra для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Путешествия
Разработчик: aamir Abdulwahid
Версия: 1.0
Размер: 172.4 МБ


Do you want to make your life easier , Just download PlusVltra 
best app for hotel / flight comparison search. 

Thailand / Philippines / Greece / Turkey
All world class hotels just few clicks away. You can search all top brand hotels according to cities. 

This app allows you to search best deals between 8M hotels worldwide, big database of course big deals. 

You can easily find the location current weather 

Excellent search engine for flights deals between 750+ Active airlines.  

App allows you to search unlimited city rides , you can search internal & outside city trips. All events timings , rides everything available in this app few clicks away.

If you want to move from Airport to Hotels or further any place easy search engine available. Unique and outstanding cars available in this ride. You can calculate your expense with our app , find what is best hotel tips , price for you without any problem. 

So, best app for your travel need.

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