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Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: MobileMarketResearch
Версия: 1.6.10
Размер: 89.3 МБ


MyPanel is a research app that enables market researchers to conduct quantitative research. The app can be used for different kinds of data collection projects, such as exit interviews, panel research, mystery shopping and field marketing. 

The app is connected to a closed online platform, where surveys can be created and results can be seen real time. Results can also be downloaded in different CSV and Excel formats.

We offer a wide range of question types, such as:
- single choice 
- multiple choice
- yes-no
- open answer
- photo/video question
- audio fragment upload
- open question
- several grids
- several rating scales
- date/time
- divide question
- ranking question
- location question

It is possible to apply skip logic and filters within a survey in order to route respondents through the survey based on their answers. Furthermore, you can show stimulus material to respondents, like text, photos and videos. When filling in the survey, the location of the respondent can be tracked, if the respondent gives permission to send this information. 

To be able to participate in a research, you need to sign in with your email address and password. You may receive a password through a market research company or recruitment agency.

After entering your password and downloading surveys, the app works without an Internet connection. This means that respondents can fill in the survey whenever and wherever they want. Answers are stored locally in the app and are uploaded when there is an Internet connection again.

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Скриншот из MyPanel
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Скриншот из MyPanel

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