Скачать Metronome 2 для Айфона, Айпада

Разработчик: Wenzhi Hu
Версия: 1.0.3
Размер: 18.7 МБ
15 р.


The first metronome to support Apple Watch! ! ! A perfect experience for Mac, iPhone, and iPad on multiple platforms! ! !

Recommended by the Central Conservatory of Music! ! ! A metronome that can fit in your pocket! ! !
Douyin Kuaishou Lao Luo recommends five stars! ! ! Ukulele guitar Kalimba companion! ! !

Whether you are a professional musician, the main player in a band, or you are learning an instrument in your spare time, in the process of communicating with music, you will definitely be inseparable from a gadget called a "metronome".

The traditional metronome is still somewhat cumbersome. You can't always carry a metronome everywhere, right? It's 0202 now, we should have a better choice, so I strongly recommend you who like music to experience this metronome software.

First of all, we have no ads! ! ! No ads! ! ! No ads! ! !
The important thing is that we can set the BPM more flexibly than the traditional metronome and support 80 kinds of beats! ! ! The common 3/4 and 4/4 are available, and the uncommon 8/8 and 8/16 are also available! ! !

Featured 20 kinds of beat sound effects, 400 kinds of combined beat effects can be realized, beat, accompaniment, warm-up, and sleep aid can all be used~!

The coolest thing is that we provide an Apple Watch version with a metronome on your wrist! Cool or not! ! ?

In addition, we also support changing the theme color to give you a more personalized choice!

Now students and teachers in music schools all over the world are using our metronome.

If you are from an educational institution that is using or willing to use our app, please send us an email to me@aben.io.

Что нового в версии 1.0.3

# Added
- Added beat sound effect selection function, supporting 400 combinations;

# Updated
- UI optimization;

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