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These messy Pets need you because they have to wash all their dirty laundry.!! The need these clothes to wear them in their daycare School. Do you want to make these Pets happy? Play with them & Dress them up for their day care school !!

Activities :
- Collect white colored clothes & colored clothes separately in two separate baskets

- Plug the switch of washing machine in switch board

- Open the washing machine’s door & start putting clothes one by one into the machine
- Add white detergent/liquid/soap
- When machine timer stops at zero, take out the wet clothes
- Dry out all the washed clothes in streaming bright sunlight

- Iron all the clothes & fold them perfectly

Laundry Games For Girls & Boys! Wash the Messy laundry by washing these dirty clothes.. Play with fun laundry wash activities & Pet Animals..

In Machine Wash, you will be washing coloured & white dirty clothes in washing machine. Then, bleach the clothes, fill the pond with water to soak dirty garments for few minutes and then wash them.

Start the washing machine, put the dirty clothes in it, wash it and make them look neat and tidy. Washing and clean up the messy and dirty clothes with laundry detergent, dry it up in sunlight, iron them when it dries then neatly fold them.. Be a little helper for these messy pets by spending a wonderful laundry day!

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