Скачать Meeting Burner для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: Networx Online, Inc.
Версия: 1.3
Размер: 42.4 МБ


Meeting Burner - Online Meetings and Webinars


MeetingBurner takes the burden, complexity, and expense out of webinars and online meetings.  You can now join online meetings from your mobile device!

Meeting Burner is a free service that lets you host online meetings and webinars.  This mobile application works in conjunction with the MeetingBurner online service so that your meeting participants can join meetings with their iOS device. 

This mobile application gives participants access to the meeting information, screen sharing, chat, participant lists, streaming audio, and more.

If you don't already have a MeetingBurner account, the application will help you setup a free account immediately so that you can be hosting meetings within minutes.

The free version MeetingBurner may not be available forever, so download your copy today!


- Completely easy to use.  Can be setup and running within minutes.
- Backed by a 10 year old company that keeps your meetings safe and secure.
- Works with WIFI or 3G.
- Lets you view the screen sharing and listen to the audio through VOIP at the same time.
- Zoom in or out on the screen to get a better view.

* You cannot host meetings from the mobile app.
* You cannot join meetings that require a password from the app.
* As a free user of MeetingBurner, you may be offered the opportunity to upgrade your account to a paid service to gain access to additional features.

Что нового в версии 1.3

App is now compatible with iOS 8.

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Скриншот из Meeting Burner
Скриншот из Meeting Burner
Скриншот из Meeting Burner
Скриншот из Meeting Burner
Скриншот из Meeting Burner
Скриншот из Meeting Burner