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Обновлено: 11.07.2018

Версия: 12.13.1

Размер: 153.9 МБ

Разработчик: MangoSpring Inc.

Возраст 17+

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MangoApps for iPhone and iPad is the most comprehensive business collaboration tool for the iPhone and iPad. Complimenting the web and desktop offerings, MangoApps for iPhone and iPad brings a complete set of personal, team and company collaboration tools for on-the-go knowledge workers like you.

MangoApps for iPhone and iPad includes all the major features of the MangoApps collaboration platform including:
  * Enterprise Microblogging
  * IM/Group Chat Based Collaboration
  * Project Collaboration
  * Document Management
  * Personal and Team Task Management
  * Company Directory and HR2.0 Features

All features are seamlessly integrated allowing you to transition from reading your team’s microblog to asking private questions over Instant Messaging. MangoApps for iPhone and iPad enables you to collaborate in real-time using the communication medium that best suits your situation, be that at the office, at home, on the train, or even waiting in line.

Project Collaboration: Using project collaboration features you can browse through your projects feeds, write to the project wall, initiate a group chat with project members, view, add and assign tasks and upload documents all within the context of a project.

Document Collaboration: A full set of document collaboration features provide the ability to not only post documents or view them, but also follow them and automatically get updates and comments directly on your iPhone or iPad. Sales people will always have the latest price sheets; executives will always have the greatest presentation; and product teams will never miss updates to requirements.

Task Management: Your personal and team tasks are accessible anywhere, anytime right from your mobile device. Along with adding and viewing your personal tasks, you get automatic update notifications to tasks added to your project task pool enabling you to always stay on top of them.

In addition to the personal and team collaboration features, MangoApps for iPhone and iPad provides tools like company directory, search, polls, virtual accolades, office pokes and birthday gifts, to promote company-wide interaction and collaboration.

MangoApps for iPhone and iPad leverages a number of platform-specific features to provide the richest experience on your iPhone or iPad. Some examples of these features are:
  * Taking and posting pictures as part of messages: Take a picture of that whiteboard discussion and post it to your feed.
  * Attaching your location to your posts : Let your colleagues know that you are out attending a customer meeting.
  * Receiving Push notifications in real-time even when the application is not running. Or turn them off when you don’t wish to receive them.
  * Making efficient use of the large screen size makes MangoApps for iPhone and iPad a delight to use on your iPad in both landscape mode or portrait mode layouts.

Get started now by downloading the app and registering from within MangoApps.

Что нового в версии 12.13.1


1. Easy access to modules with the new primary navigation bar at the bottom.
2. Notification preference per team with the new ‘admin posted items only’ setting
3. Setup who receives poll notifications when you create a new poll

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