Скачать LogMeIn для Айфона, Айпада

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Версия: 4.1.8766
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by LogMeIn, Inc.

Get secure anytime, anywhere access to your computers from your iPad or iPhone.

LogMeIn for iOS gives LogMeIn Pro and Central subscribers remote access to PCs and Macs over Wi-Fi or mobile data. Note: to use this free app you must first have a LogMeIn subscription.

Get started with these easy steps:
1.	Download the LogMeIn app from the App Store.
2.	Go to the PC or Mac you want to access and install the LogMeIn software.
3.	Tap the LogMeIn app from your iPhone or iPad to access your computer
For detailed step-by-step instructions, please read the LogMeIn Getting Started Guide. 

With LogMeIn for iOS you can:
• Access your home and work computers on the go
• Control your Mac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it
• Get to your computer files and edit them from your iPad/iPhone
• Remotely run any application on your computer from your iPad/iPhone

Features include: 
• Mouse and screen settings – choose your preferred method of remote control with scroll mode
• Magnifying glass and zoom slider – zoom by mouse, slide or with your fingers
• Quick access to your files with File Manager – save files directly to your iPad/iPhone so you can work on them offline, or move and copy files between devices.
• Change display color, resolution and network speed to maximize remote control performance. 
• HD video and sound – watch videos located on your computer in HD and sound stream remotely
• Photo App Management – easily access and transfer photos with 
• Email Attachments – attach any number of files, including photos and emails within the LogMeIn app
• Multi-monitor view – shake your device or three-finger swipe to switch between monitors

NOTE: To use this free application, you must first have a LogMeIn subscription on the computer(s) you want to access.  

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Что нового в версии 4.1.8766

Try these new remote management features that help you analyze and fix problems in the background, without user interaction:
• See when there's an active host-side user
• See a list of installed applications, including size, version and installation date
• Access a PowerShell terminal
• Take a screenshot of a host's main monitor
• View other system information, including OS version, CPU type, Last boot time
• Monitor drive usage
Also, we've added Linux support. Click any Linux machine on your Computers list for terminal access (without remote screen and mouse).

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