Скачать LG Ipsolute mobile для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: LG Innotek Co., Ltd
Версия: 1.3.18
Размер: 20.1 МБ


LG Ipsolute Mobile makes you to keep aware of what is happening at your home, retail shop and business place at anywhere internet goes. It lets you know not only current status thru live video stream but accident history thru recorded video stream of all LG Innotek's video survellance devices. 

Supported models will be updated continuously. 

[Support Models] 
IP Camera – LVS301, LVS311, LSW900, LSW901, LVW900, LVW901, LVW700, LVW701, LVS201, LSW2010, LDW2010, LW9228, LW9226, LW9228I, LW9226I, LW332, LW335, LW6324, LW6354, LW342, LW345, LW6424, LW6454, LW130W, LNU5460, LNU7260, LNV5460, LNV7260
(f/w ver x.x.x.1110260 or later)

(f/w ver LW9424_0_1_130304 or later)


NVR - LRN8240, RNRZ-B510A, RNRZ-B520A
HVR - LRH7080, LRH7160
DVR - LRD5080, LRD5160
( f/w ver. or later))

DVR - LE1004/6016 (LVM110i only)
(f/w ver snp2_fw_lg_kr04_all_120203, tsd_fw_20120620_lg)

DVR - LE5016D, LE5008D, LE4016D, LE4008D
(f/w ver 01.12.1018 or later)

DVR - LE2104D/N
(f/w ver 1.4.6 or later)

DVR - LRA3040, LRA3080, LRA3160 (LVM110i only)
(f/w ver 7.1.0-20160719 or later)

* Models for Calendar Search
- LE5016D, LE5008D, LE4016D, LE4008D, LRH7080, LRH7160, LRD5080, LRD5160, LRN8240, LRA3040, LRA3080, LRA3160

* You can download new f/w from LG Security Official Web Site. (http://lgesecurity.com/) 

[Not supported models]
IP Camera - LW9222

Live Video Monitoring 
- Display with Mega Pixels image
- 1Ch, 4Ch camera view 
- DVR and IP Camera (Slave video stream) supported 
- DVR support up to 18 client simultaneous access 
- Retrieve video information 
- Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus control (Continously control limited 5 seconds) 
- Relay out control 
- Live audio
- Snapshot 
- Support 2-Way audio

Recorded Video Search/Playback (for DVR) 
- Date, Recording Type, Channel Selectable 
- Playback Control (Play, Pause, Next, Prev) 
- I-Frame only streaming. (1 fps) 

User/Group Permission applied (for DVR) 
- View channel 
- Relay out control 
- Search and playback 

App Password 
- App launch protecting 

[Recommended Settings of Network Camera] 
iPhone3Gs - 15 fps @ CIF, 10 fps @ D1 
iPhone4 - 20 fps @ CIF, 15 fps @ D1 
* Quality (Medium)

Что нового в версии 1.3.18

Bug Fix.

Скриншоты для Айфона, Айпада

Скриншот из LG Ipsolute mobile
Скриншот из LG Ipsolute mobile
Скриншот из LG Ipsolute mobile
Скриншот из LG Ipsolute mobile

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