229 р.

Категория: Игры

Обновлено: 10.11.2017

Версия: 1.3

Размер: 661 МБ

Разработчик: Cube Software Solutions Inc.

Возраст 17+


There was a time when it was safe to go out and play, go out with friends, enjoy some night life... those days are OVER!

•	Many innocent have gone missing.
•	Every Neighborhood is on HIGH alert.
•	Police have Quadrupled their enforcement efforts.
•	Parents are watching their Children's every move.
•	The state of America and Europe is in shambles.
•	THE FEAR IS REAL. Defend yourself against pure evil.

You HAVE been CAPTURED! Solve twisted puzzles and clues, as you try and escape your morbid prison. Fight for your life vs each Killer Clown (One on One). The most twisted, scary & hilarious escape room game.

“Freighting and Hilarious at the same time.”
“Loaded with challenging puzzles and bizarre twists”
“Each level is unique. A shock at every turn...”

Что нового в версии 1.3

- Hints are now *actually* fixed and working