Категория: Игры

Обновлено: 20.01.2018

Версия: 1.0

Размер: 60.5 МБ

Разработчик: Muhammad Ishaque

Возраст 4+

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Looking for a unique game to share with your toddler? Let Build My car fill that gap! Paint, repair, doodle on and give a complete makeover to many different kinds of cars, all with a big, friendly interface that's easy for a baby or toddler to use.
Painting and doodling are two things toddlers love to do. Keep your walls clean and give your baby something creative to do with this unique makeover game. Each car comes into the station looking plain and boring. They could use a fun, colorful coat of paint! Makeover each car so they sparkle and shine in the sun. The sections are easy for a baby to paint or doodle on, making it easy for toddlers to create unique drawings.
With a car coated in unique paint with doodles all over the side, your toddler can get down to the fun part: repair! Fix each car's engine so they can chug along the tracks again. A unique makeover with new paint and doodles isn't enough to put steam in their stack! Once the repairs are complete, your baby toddler can hop in and take the car for a ride. Toot toot!
- Paint, doodle on and give a fun makeover to all sorts of cars.
- Repair each car and take them for a ride!
- Toddlers can use the app by themselves or play with their parents.
- Touch interface makes it easy for your baby to learn and play on their own.
- Great way to teach kids about transportation and the world.
How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to choose a unique paint color for the car.
- Paint each section to complete the makeover.
- Repair the engine by tapping on the screen.
- Hop in and take the car for a ride!