Скачать JAC для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: SAMBA - Swiss Association of MBAs
Версия: 4.6.1
Размер: 15.1 МБ


The Joint Alumni Conference (JAC) brings together alumni and faculty from the world‘s leading business schools for a one-day conference to explore the future of global business, the latest management trends, and the wider environmental and social issues. 

Great thinkers and top managers come together to make this unique annual event one of the best sources of knowledge and inspiration on the emerging trends in
business. It is also the perfect venue to build lasting professional connections.

Что нового в версии 4.6.1

Ready for the new stuff?

- iOS5 support and optimization
 - Facebook upgrade
 - Foursquare upgrade
 - Native Twitter integration (iOS5 only)
 - Better graphics performance on older devices (3G, iPod Touch 2nd Gen)
 - High resolution loading screen
 - More accurate iPod song matching
 - Add photos to any comment
 - Improved Ustream plugin
 - Improved Livestream plugin 
 - Pull to refresh added to more views (shows, activity, videos, playlists)
 - Ability to Load More in Top Users
 - Offline Mode - ability to download all content for offline viewing
 - Right-to-Left support for news and comments
 - End date/time support for events
 - Localized Email and SMS sharing
 - Reduced file size by 4-5mb

Enjoy! More new stuff coming soon..

Скриншоты для Айфона, Айпада

Скриншот из JAC
Скриншот из JAC
Скриншот из JAC
Скриншот из JAC