Скачать iWriter Pro для Айфона, Айпада

Разработчик: Serpensoft Group
Версия: 4.7.2
Размер: 15.2 МБ
549 р.


iWriter Pro is elegant and minimalist text editor with built-in Markdown support. Distraction-free and subscription-free. 

# Features:

- Clean and minimal interface.
- iCloud¹ sync across Mac², iPad, and iPhone devices. 
- Markdown syntax highlighting.
- Typewriter mode³.
- Focusing on line, sentence, or paragraph³.
- Markdown and MultiMarkdown preview. 
- Integrated counters for words, chars, sentences, paragraphs.
- Powerful Document Browser with tags support.
- Fast and responsive editing⁴.

# iWriter Pro supports:

- Math equations and flowchart diagrams.
- Light and dark layouts (auto-switching included).
- Search and Replace within a document.
- Export text and Markdown previews to PDF, HTML, JPG, EPUB, and LaTeX. 
- Keyboard shortcuts for formatting and navigating within text.
- Automatic indentation and list continuation.
- Multi-window layout on iPad. Text and preview on one screen.
- Inserting references to images. 
- Customisable fonts and themes. User-installed fonts.
- TextExpander Touch. 

¹ - iWriter Pro for Mac available as a separate purchase.
² - Typewriter and Focus modes available only on iPad.
³ - Editing files in Dropbox, Google Drive, and other 3d-party storage providers are not guaranteed.
⁴ - iWriter Pro is designed to be as easy as possible so it works with plain text files (like .txt and .md) with UTF-8 encoding. 

Что нового в версии 4.7.2

# Latest Improvements:
• New settings options for line/paragraph spacing and line width.
• Multi-paragraph list items are now correctly indented in text editor.
• List marks can now be inserted for several lines at once.
• Added option for code line numbers in Preview.
• CSS styling for code blocks updated.
• Resolved multiple user-interface issues.
• Additional under-the-hood changes.

# Previous Updates:
• Swap lines easily with new shortcuts: ⌥+⌘+↑ and ⌥+⌘+↓.
• You can now use the Tab key for text indentation.
• MathJax, Mermaid and Flowchart plugins updated
• Settings now display selected themes for Light/Dark system appearances.
• Added highlight for header links: # Header [link].

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