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Разработчик: ibis inc.
Версия: 4.1.2
Размер: 16.3 МБ
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ibisMail supports the thread view and the All inboxes.
-You can see a sent and replied relation easily.
-You can see All messages in one box.

ibisMail for iPad supports creation of folders and filtering rules. 
It supports POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP servers and most authentications.
Additionally, the feature to switch the view split direction makes the best use of the wide screen area of iPads.

This application is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 9.0 or later. 

-Save attachment files which you received into Dropbox.
-attach files from Dropbox to a sending mail.
-Easy account setting function. 
-Receive and send messages on itself.
-Send and receive messages with POP3, IMAP4, SMTP.
-Create folders and rules for message filtering.
-Keep the communication when the application goes to background.
-Search functions in "Body", "From", "To", "Subject" or "All".
-Switched  Horizontal split view or Vertical split view.
-Resize split position.
-Uncompress zip files, that can be password-protected(supports PKWARE ver.2 only.) 
-The receiving type can be selected from either "Headers only", "Headers and Body" or "Full Message". (IMAP only)
-Saves 1,000 messages for each account.
-Subscribe/Unsubscribe setting of each folder.(IMAP only)
-Attatch some files from other App by Open In function.
-Open the attached file in other apps. 
-Open the attached files in other apps which the kind of files are not supported in ibisMail. 
-Display HTML email and switch HTML view or TEXT view.
-Macro templates for new messages, replying messages and forwarding messages.
-Variety of authentications. APOP, POP before SMTP, CRAM-MD5 and Digest-MD5.
-SSL/TLS(includes STARTTLS) connection.
-Self-signed certificates.
-Turn off/on(choose from samples) receiving and sending sounds. 
-Receive Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, rtf, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, wav, mp3, air, mov, mp4, mpg attatchment files.(However, the total size of mail can be received only up to about 10MB for POP account. )
-Send pictures(When you compose a message, you can choose images from photo library or use camera). 
-Show name of Contacts on Message List Screen and Message Body Screen. However, this feature is enabled only if the address is 50 characters or less.(Default is ON) 

-Deleting messages from pop server.
-Auto filtering of spam mails.
-Exchange protocol and NTLM Authentication.
-Auto setup accounts from account list of built-in mail.
-Create HTML mail. 

-Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo.com(Yahoo! Mail Plus), MobileMe, AOL, gmx.com, gawab.com, zenbe.com, lavabit.com.
-If you have any problems such as connection or login errors with above mail services, please give us reports. But, it may not be supported.

If you can't create an account properly, 
Please visit here: 
If you still can't create it. 
Please feel free to ask us. 

The concept of Apple Mail seems to be simple. 
However, ibisMail is aiming to be high performance and have more functions. 
If you think ibisMail have not enough functions, please send us your requests. 
If you find some bugs, please report to us. 
We will improve our application and will be very attentive to your requests.

*About the questions / bug report
Questions and bug reports in reviews is that we can not respond.
Please contact to " ibisMail Support team".

Что нового в версии 4.1.2

Thank you for using ibisMail for iPad!
After this update, ibisMail supports iOS 9.0 or later.
We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding.
If you have any problems, please inform us via the "Bug reports and Requires" of "Developer Website" and not via the App Review.
The summary of this update is below.

[Improved Points]
- Update with changes of the Dropbox specification.

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