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Разработчик: Handshake Corp.
Версия: 5.5.66
Размер: 112.6 МБ


Handshake is a B2B eCommerce platform for manufacturers and distributors. It includes your very own B2B website, and this easy-to-use mobile app for both customers and sales reps to place B2B orders.

*Note: If you are a B2B customer and your supplier uses Handshake as their ordering app, please reach out to your supplier for your login information before downloading the app.

• Eliminate manual order processing steps and errors, and fulfill orders faster.
• Beautifully showcase your products in a digital catalog.
• Provide simple, intuitive mobile order entry for your customers and reps.
• Receive orders 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
• Display up-to-date order statuses, order history, customer-specific pricing, and product inventory levels.
• Customize your B2B ordering experience with industry or business-specific workflows and features. 
• Integrate to ERP and other back office systems. 


an app for your B2B sales reps to check order history, inventory data, and customer-specific pricing and promotions in the field, Handshake Rep enables smarter sales conversations at customer appointments and trade shows.

Replace costly printed catalogs, paper order forms, and that old-school barcode scanner with a digital catalog, customer insights, and intuitive order writing interface for even your most technology-resistant reps––all accessible from an app that works offline.

Orders are then synced automatically to your back office for faster confirmation and shipping, eliminating the need for costly, error-prone data entry. 

HANDSHAKE FOR BUYERS (Handshake Direct): 

including a B2B eCommerce website and this mobile app experience specifically for buyers, Handshake Direct makes it possible for your B2B buyers to place orders 24/7 from any device. Your customers can place orders from a computer or laptop, or use the mobile app at the shelf and on the go, saving time by including instant ordering as part of the stocktaking process. 

Increase order frequency by making the order writing process faster, allow customers to discover new items in your catalog, and prevent backorders by offering up-to-date inventory availability data. 

Orders from both sales reps and buyers are managed in the same Handshake admin hub, and can all be synced to back office systems via a single integration point.

Что нового в версии 5.5.66

Fixed an issue where sync would sometimes not complete properly and the "Partial Sync" error would persist

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Скриншот из Handshake: B2B Sales Order App
Скриншот из Handshake: B2B Sales Order App
Скриншот из Handshake: B2B Sales Order App
Скриншот из Handshake: B2B Sales Order App

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