Скачать Exnet Driver для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Путешествия
Разработчик: Daluch Hor
Версия: 0.33.03-SKYSHINE
Размер: 119.2 МБ


Exnet Driver App is for drivers.

The App will help you to get the job through Exnet system. Accept the job when you want to work, decline the job when you don’t. No fee, no boss, no office.
Get extra income with Exnet Driver App.

Download this app, sign up to Exnet system, then send an email to exnet.taxicambodia@gmail.com for further instruction.

Turn on the app, drive along the street, stay at home, or standby in the city, you will get the job passed by Exnet System, accept the job, the GPS of your device will navigate you to take the passengers, bring them to the destination and get paid.

How much you are earning will appear on the app after each trip, you will be paid by cash directly from passenger.

The app consumes the internet data, and phone’s battery life. Power bank or car charger are recommended while you are on shift

Что нового в версии 0.33.03-SKYSHINE

We updated the app to make trip costs transparent — all the additional fees will be shown as part of the whole sum. Also, the Romanian language added, stabilization improved and no bugs left unnoticed. Drive safe!

Скриншоты для Айфона, Айпада

Скриншот из Exnet Driver
Скриншот из Exnet Driver
Скриншот из Exnet Driver
Скриншот из Exnet Driver

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