Скачать Ed Controls для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: Interactive Blueprints BV
Версия: 8.23
Размер: 45.1 МБ


Work smart, save time
With Ed Controls you can work pleasantly and efficiently with colleagues and project partners.
Snagging, defect management and quality control will be straightforward tasks.
Get a clear overview of what needs to be done to make your project a success. Smart, fast, simple.

The basic features of Ed Controls:

●  Precise spatial allocation of snags on drawings or maps via zoom and click/tap
●  Immediate assignment to responsible, consulted and informed persons
●  A cleverly optimised workflow for processing tickets/snags
●  Highly secure storage of all information in the cloud with fully automatic synchronisation
●  The app is fully usable offline, e.g. in basements or on construction sites without reliable Internet access

With ED Controls:

●  Site managers remain informed about the progress of the project at all times (construction diary) and can effectively coordinate all stakeholders in the project
●  Subcontractors always have an overview of their upcoming tasks and can    easily document work steps and mark tickets as completed
●  Subcontractors collaborate more efficiently and effortlessly on the construction site
●  Construction consultants, the client and other project participants can also be consulted as required to clarify questions.
●  Deficiency costs are drastically reduced, better results are achieved throughout the entire construction process, and smoother acceptance is made possible, as deficiencies are dealt with easily throughout the entire construction process.

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