Скачать DriveMeTo для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Путешествия
Разработчик: Henxapp Ltd
Версия: 5.0.0
Размер: 21.4 МБ


DriveMeTo aims to solve the problems that many travelers encounter in foreign countries: with DriveMeTo you get the address of the places to go in any language in any Country around the World. Search for the place to reach and get your digital address card, independently and in the local language.

DriveMeTo is not a translator, loads very fast with light images and without maps greatly reducing time and costs.

Tourist and business travelers will now be more independent in communicating their destination and will be able to discover anything around them and according to their preferences.
DriveMeTo eliminates the need to have someone writing down the address in the local language. Now you can go around and experience the city independently from the hotel concierge or info points.
Get the local version of the address around the world!

Searching for specific places
The first part of the searching page is where you type specific names or generic things (hotel name or simply "hotel", restaurant name or "restaurant") or even products ("shoes" or "Nike", "Tods", "Camper", etc.).

Searching for non-specific places
The second part is to search around your location by category. You can filter each category according to your preferences. If you have food restrictions or you are looking for certain services, a specific kind of accomodation or something else, just select from the menu and search.

The address card will tell you the distance and time to reach the place by car or by walking. You can decide to open it with your preferred tool installed on your device.

Connection with Uber
When you have obtained the address, you can connect to Uber and decide if to get their service.

You can share the address card with others
Once you got the address you were looking for, share it with your colleagues or friends through your preferred tool.
Share the DriveMeTo APP with you friends.

Save your recurrent destinations in your My Places Section 
Once you have found the right addresses, you can save them for future use, without the need of searching again.

Что нового в версии 5.0.0

Completely revised user interface

Where Locals Go
WhereLocalsGo is a new section listing places and activities around you that are frequented by locals.
Dive into the local atmosphere and savor the experiences of those who live them every day.

SomebodyLovesMe is the section where restaurants, bars and other activities will offer you discounts if you get there via DriveMeTo.