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The greatest challenge facing our industry is opportunity. It's everywhere and it is as much a burden as a blessing. Opportunity has given us a blurred and fragmented landscape that has challenged marketing norms. Technology - in all forms and functions - has found permanent residence in living rooms, boardrooms, and in the palm of most consumers on the planet.

Digitas loves change.  While each cycle brings its own unique set of challenges, we have navigated the evolution brought on by technology and user trends over and over throughout our 31-year history.

Welcome to Digitas Trends 2011.

Digitas Trends is a compilation of 45 trends across six categories - Culture, Data, Devices, Media, Mobile, Social - that we think you should know about. We created Digitas Trends to help make sense of all the opportunities out there - finding the ones that are real and sustainable, and weeding out the vapor. It captures the changes we are seeing right now through the unique lens we have focused on a dynamic industry. This also happens to be a wondrous time to witness as a curious listener and active author.

Take a look at these 45 trends. Perhaps you will find a few that present meaningful opportunity, and you'll be willing to put a stake in the ground and claim them for your brand.
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Что нового в версии 1.1.1

- Added Touch Gesture Swiping to Trends Slides
- Tweaked some Layout and copy issues
- Fixed an iPad2 Twitter Posting Issue

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