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Версия: 2.2
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The Inovista Dashboard Reader brings the power of Xcelsius visualizations to the iPad.

An extensive range of specialized mobile components are available to present Xcelsius with a true mobile look and feel. 

Additionally, a designer can add support for gestures such as swipe and pinch/zoom as well as being able to drop the geographical location of the iPad into the app.

The Dashboard Reader downloads the Xcelsius model (the .XLF file) and converts that model into an iPad dashboard on the fly. Once downloaded, all the information is cached locally for rapid off line access.

External data can be loaded via XML files, Query as a Web Service or by use of InfoSol's InfoBurst product. InfoBurst provides a number of very powerful features including options to update online databases. The designer has the option directing the application to store any downloaded data locally depending on the required level of security.

The Xcelsius add-on components (more than 50 and growing ), sample dashboards, documentation and tutorials are available at the Inovista web site: www.inovista.com.

Where the standard app allows users to view a single dashboard, the professional version offers the concept of 'Home Pages'.

A Home Page is a suite of Xcelsius dashboards that can open other dashboards with a tap while sharing information between them.
Users also have the capability to select other Home Pages. There is no limitation to the number of Home Pages a user may access.

Additionally, the professional version allows specific dashboards to be opened from a link in a web page or an email.

Please note that at this point, the Dashboard Reader will only handle components supplied by Inovista and its partners. Equally, not all Excel functions supported by Xcelsius are supported by the Dashboard Reader. Currently about 60 functions are available - but this number will be increased with each upgrade.

Что нового в версии 2.2

The management and performance of Excel functions defined in SAP Dashboards has been greatly improved.

Web Services and values entered by a users can now be cached locally by the app and re-used in Airplane mode when the user has no internet connection.

The Mobile Charts Suite now contains Bubble and Plot charts. The design aspects have also been enhanced.

When embedding HTML5 features, the internal Web Views now include features to transfer data to and from the views to the app itself.

The iOS Components have been updated to iOS7, so when running the app on a machine with iOS7 installed, these components will be presented with the new look and feel.

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Скриншот из Dashboard Reader Professional
Скриншот из Dashboard Reader Professional
Скриншот из Dashboard Reader Professional
Скриншот из Dashboard Reader Professional

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