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Категория: Утилиты
Разработчик: IXEAU
Версия: 2.4
Размер: 0 МБ
699 р.


▶ Demo your screen like a pro

“Cursor Pro” highlights your mouse pointer, visualizes clicks and enables you to magnify certain areas of your screen by just pressing a key. It is the perfect companion for capturing tutorials, 
recording screencasts and performing presentations

• Demoing your screen
• Performing presentations, trainings & screencasts
• Capturing video-tutorials of your screen

• Perfectly matches your macOS accent color (if you like to)
• Clicks can be beautifully animated or static
• Looks gorgeous in light and dark mode
• Trustworthy. We respect your privacy. No internet connection needed, ever.
• Carefully designed interface right within your Status Bar
• Supports multiple displays at a time
• Optional: Choose Function-, Control- or Option-Key to magnify
• Optional: Auto-hide when inactive
• Optional: Auto-start at login
• Speaks your language: Support for many languages
• Straightforward design—less, but better

Crafted by German designer Martin Lexow.

Что нового в версии 2.4

We’re constantly improving the app to provide the best experience possible.
This version fixes a minor bug within the popup menu.

Скриншоты для Мака

Скриншот из Cursor Pro
Скриншот из Cursor Pro
Скриншот из Cursor Pro
Скриншот из Cursor Pro

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