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Версия: 6.3.35
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Mobile Inspection Software

CityReporter™ mobile inspection tools solve the most pressing concerns of inspectors, administrators, and technical support staff with a seamless, integrated, paperless solution.

CityReporter™ is a collection of productivity inspection tools for:
• Building inspections
• Park inspections
• Facility inspections
• Sports field inspections
CityReporter™ modules coming soon:
• Road inspections
• Sidewalk inspections
• Fire inspections
• With ongoing development to meet the needs of small, medium, and large cities

CityReporter™ is for cities and agencies concerned about productivity, consistency, document management, customer service, liability, and storage costs.
• Reduces inspector’s paperwork burdens
• Eliminates factors that lead to lost or corrupted reports
• Reduces risk and liability
• Enhances communication
• Eliminates re-keying of data
• Saves time

Smart Checklists are pre-loaded into your inspector’s smartphone or tablet.
• Eliminates the need to re-key data, saving you time and money, and keeps your city, park district operating efficiently
• Prepared by experienced, accredited inspectors working alongside risk management experts
• Fully documents the entire inspection process, NOT just the violations
• Promotes thorough inspections that will stand up in court years later

Inspections are completed on a hand-held device, then transmitted to a central server for fast, easy retrieval on the web.
• Delivered as a cloud-software service, so there’s no downtime and no added IT infrastrucure costs
• Allows managers to conduct process-wide reviews and keep current, even during the most complex inspection and review process 
• Can be easily customized for your city’s unique needs - gives you the freedom and control to customize
• Improves accuracy, legibility, and completeness of record keeping
• Demonstrates inspector competence and maintains your city’s reputation

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Скриншоты для Айфона, Айпада

Скриншот из CityReporter Mobile Phone
Скриншот из CityReporter Mobile Phone
Скриншот из CityReporter Mobile Phone
Скриншот из CityReporter Mobile Phone

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