Скачать CabCue - Passenger для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Путешествия
Разработчик: Cab Cue Pty Ltd
Версия: 0.19.9-SPECTRUM
Размер: 92.9 МБ


Rideshare, Taxi, Hire Car, all in one app, you chose the
type of vehicle. See the vehicle approaching, be notified when the driver
arrives, pay the fare, and leave feedback. That’s CabCue in a nutshell.

Getting from A-B hasn’t been any simpler, ever, regardless
if it is a rideshare, taxi or hire car. You can do instant ride hail or make
advanced bookings, convenient and secure in-app payment.

 What’s even better is that if you book a rideshare you can
be picked up by a hire car or luxury car and only pay the rideshare fare. You
can get a better ride while paying a lower price.

No price surge.
With Cab Cue you will pay the same price, for a given
distance and duration, regardless of the time of the day or how busy it is.
There are no surprises at the end of a trip.

 CabCue is simply the smarts way to catch and pay for sort
rides. It’s free and an essential app for anyone who needs to get around.

Что нового в версии 0.19.9-SPECTRUM

• New “No internet connection” widget
• Map with real-time drivers on the first screen
• Checkout payment gateway available for clients in UAE and EU
• Cancellation fee shown to a passenger and saved in the order history
• Possibility to specify cancellation reasons added
• Notifications for passengers if there are no drivers available in the pick up area
• Stability improvements
• Credit card payments in Middle East
• Improved fare calculation algorithms

Скриншоты для Айфона, Айпада

Скриншот из CabCue - Passenger
Скриншот из CabCue - Passenger
Скриншот из CabCue - Passenger
Скриншот из CabCue - Passenger

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