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Обновлено: 28.06.2018

Версия: 7.3.2

Размер: 3.1 МБ

Разработчик: Aspen Technology, Inc.

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Aspen Properties Mobile - Properties Anytime, Anywhere

Put accurate, rigorous physical property calculations and data into the hands of your employees using Aspen Properties Mobile. Mobile access provides a quick and easy way to get physical property data when and where you need it - at a customer site, in a conference room, from home, on the road - anywhere you can remotely access your corporate network.

Aspen Properties Mobile calculates the physical properties of pure components and mixtures of components. You can also perform simple phase equilibrium calculations including vapor-liquid and vapor-liquid-liquid splits. The client App provides a simple, intuitive multi-touch interface. The server, hosted by your company, uses AspenTechís award-winning physical properties engine to deliver accurate property calculations for over 21,000 chemical species.

To access the new capabilities of this updated version of Aspen Properties Mobile requires a valid license for Aspen Properties V7.1 or higher and Aspen Properties Mobile Server version 7.3.1, available through Aspen Technology Inc. 

•Search for components by name or chemical formula
•View and compare static properties such as boiling point and heat of formation
•Calculate, tabulate, and plot pressure- and temperature-dependent properties such as density, enthalpy, and heat capacity
•Select from many different calculation options (ideal gas, Peng-Robinson, etc.)
•Calculate thermophysical and transport properties of mixtures
•Perform TXY and PXY and Gibbs Energy analysis for binary systems
•Perform simple flash calcualtions to determine Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Vapor-Liquid-Liquid equilibrium of mixtures under specified conditions
•Perform phase-envelope calculations
•Email calculation results as a comma separated value file
•Server can be configured to use in-house physical property data and calculations

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Localized for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.