Скачать AccountEdge для Айфона, Айпада

Категория: Бизнес
Разработчик: MYOB Technology
Версия: 4.6
Размер: 0 МБ


AccountEdge Mobile v4 is a companion app for AccountEdge for Mac software and is not intended to act as a standalone app. 

*Important Note: In order to take advantage of some of the latest features in AccountEdge Mobile you will need to use AccountEdge v13 or later or AccountEdge Basic v2 and later with iOS 8 or later. 

Record sales, process credit card payments, add activity slips, enter expenses and mileage, add or edit contacts and jobs, and sync it all with your desktop version of AccountEdge.

Record sales
Create quotes, orders and invoices, including items, services, activities, jobs, and taxes as necessary.  

Enter expenses
Enter and track your business expenses as you spend money or make purchases.

Create activity slips
Bill for your time when working at a job site. Select an activity, enter hours or units, and include the associated job.

Mileage Slips
Create Mileage Slips for a vehicle or for an employee for reimbursement.  

Access Contacts
View, add and edit your contacts.

Add and Edit Jobs
Create new and edit existing jobs while away from the office.

Sync with AccountEdge
Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your desktop version of AccountEdge Pro (version 13 or higher).

How is information shared between AccountEdge Mobile and AccountEdge?
AccountEdge Mobile syncs with AccountEdge v13 (or higher) using Dropbox, a free and secure web-based file hosting service. 

AccountEdge creates lists, including customers, vendors, items, activities, jobs and sales taxes. These lists are synced with AccountEdge Mobile for use in transactions.

Transactions are created in AccountEdge Mobile include quotes, orders, invoices, activity slips, spend money transactions, customer payments and mileage slips. Transactions created on your iOS device are then sent back to your desktop version of AccountEdge.

Что нового в версии 4.6

This release addresses the following issues:

-Updated Dropbox SDK for syncing with AccountEdge for Mac 
-Addressed issues with selecting dates on transactions 
-Added support for newer iOS's and new iPhone and iPad sizes
-Other minor issues have been addressed
-Minimum iOS is now set for iOS 8

Before running this new version, you may want to sync your AccountEdge Pro with Dropbox to ensure that you have the latest data from your Company File.

If you have trouble with previously recorded/older transactions in AccountEdge Mobile, you may want to use the Force Sync option under Settings/Sync which pulls the latest data from Dropbox and removes older transactions.

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