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ABS Pecplan’s history is interwined with the history of Artificial Insemination in Brazil. In 1959, ABS was already making its first contributions to Brazillian Cattle Breeding by exporting the first straws of frozen semen to a group of veterinarians who, using ABS products, inseminated the first Brazillian cattle herds in the south of the country.

Pecplan emerged in 1970, company from the Bradesco Group, which, at the time, imported from ABS and distributed semen and all the material required for Artificial Insemination to the whole of Brazil. The partnership was so positive that in October 1996, ABS incorporated the Pecplan acronym. The merging of both companies contributed towards the solidification of ABS Pepclan in the national scene, increasing access to the latest technology and services available in the Brazilian cattle breeding.

Headed by Genus since 2000, ABS Global, the largest company in the genetics segment present in the largest cattle breeding complexes worldwide, guarantees the success, quality and pioneering present throughout Brazilian territory through ABS Pecplan.

ABS Pecplan’s goal is to contribute to the genetic improvement of the cattle in Brazil and other tropical countries. To do this, it offers the market the latest in terms of artificial insemination, computer mating, crossbreeding, training for inseminators, guidance to producers and sanitary safety.

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