Скачать 7r Ayoz для Айфона, Айпада

Разработчик: Mahyar Keykani
Версия: 1.0
Размер: 12.3 МБ
75 р.


7r Ayoz (means Star) is the division of 7r Tap Counter app. You can still have most of this app’s functionality by downloading that one and it’s free but new watch complications and better user interface are only available in this app and coming features also only appear in this app.

This is an App for keeping track of questions/tests answered in your daily life.

Friends who hang out and spend their time playing question games in which one guy keeps track of a.questions which asked between two teams and b.total number of right answers each team scores.
Teachers who ask oral/written questions from their lovely students, Students who assess/evaluate themselves throughout the course and want to keep track of tests they answered and know how many tests they answered right and how many were wrong.

iOS, iPadOS App:
* Single mode: track your own questions
* Team Mode: play and compare team questions
* Question Timer: answer it under specific time
* Standard Test Times: TOEFL, IELTS,… test time
* So Far Progress Indicator
* It supports all screen sizes and orientations

watchOS App:
* Single mode
* Team Mode
* Question Timer
* So Far Progress Indicator
* Almost All Complications Available: Progress can be seen on all watch faces using any type of complication you want.
* It supports all watch screen sizes

New features are still coming which will appear on App Store in the next coming versions.

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