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711Go Taxi(Cambodia) Co.,Ltd is register in Phnom Penh Cambodia. 711Go Taxi offers the fastest transport booking service for private Tuk Tuk, cars and more.
Customer will find a service for every price piont and transport need: 711Go Taxi does not have its own vehicle. Every vehicles providing transportation services to the passenger are owned by professional Tuk Tuk and taxi drivers who operates their business independently. For Others information, please contact us by mail (711gotaxi@gmail.com, fb.com/711gotaximeter/, +85592711711, +855962711711)

Что нового в версии 0.39.03-AFTERGLOW

Fairness, flexibility, and simplicity — these are the main principles for our new cancellation policy.
From now on, when the driver cancels an order for some reason, this order will be taken back to the list of active orders, and another driver will be able to pick it up shortly.
Goedendag, Helló, Labdien!
Our system speaks Dutch, Hungarian, and Latvian now. Drive safe!

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Скриншот из 711 driver
Скриншот из 711 driver
Скриншот из 711 driver
Скриншот из 711 driver

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