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Релиз: 22.12.2011

Обновлено: 13.07.2017

Версия: 8.12.14

Размер: 52.2 МБ

Разработчик: PDmB, Inc.

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This App is a companion to our PC based product and will allow licensed Palm-Tech users to make the most of their time on-site and produce professional looking reports. Thousands of home inspectors have downloaded the Palm-Tech app and use it daily to quickly document inspection findings and create the best looking reports in the industry.

Palm-Tech gives you the ability to email your inspection reports to clients as PDFs directly from your mobile device. This means you can start, finish and then deliver your report all from your iPhone or iPad. This is exactly what home inspectors need and will save you time.

Not All Apps Are Created Equal - The Palm-Tech Advantage

Palm-Tech has been built from the ground up to be used in the field by home inspectors. It’s been around for 19 years and is constantly being improved to make it easier for home inspectors to do their job. 

•The Fastest – An intuitive interface and multiple options for entering information add up to the fastest app for entering inspection information.
•Most Flexible App – Fully customize your templates on your PC and send them over to your app OR make changes on the fly with the built-in app toolbar.
•Easy to learn – Between free training webinars, tons of step by step HOW TO documents and 50+ video tutorials you’ll be an expert in no time.
•Customer Service - Call us Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Eastern time and you get a live voice in the US ready to help. Call us today at 888-736-2462 and see for yourself.

No Ongoing Fees
Companies everywhere are charging more and more for ongoing use of their products, and in today’s market not having to worry about monthly or annual fees is important and allows you to maximize your investment. With Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software, the price you pay is the price you pay. Once you purchase a license, you don't need to pay any more to keep using it.
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Что нового в версии 8.12.14

• Rotate pictures in the app
• Adding multiple pictures at a time is now faster
• Added a Completeness Check
• Faster uploads
• Customize Interface Color Scheme
• Higher Quality Pictures
• Fixed issue with slow uploads in version 8.12f
• Fixed issue with off-line appearing during slow uploads
• Fixed issue with adding pictures when the keyboard is up
• Updated interface
• and more...

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